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W.E.A.R History

W.E.A.R IV 2011

The fourth Worldwide Escape Artists Relay was held on October 22nd 2011 all over the world.  Cliff Gerstman took the lead on this fourth and so far final WEAR event.


W.E.A.R 2009

W.E.A.R. III brought a more down to Earth feeling.  The number of performes was pulled back to around 45 and  more individual performers got to shine.  Three WEARiors received television publicity.


W.E.A.R 2007


W.E.A.R. II  now under the leadership of Dr. Wilson of Maine, brought in double the Escape Artist power, with over 100 performers all on the same day. Cliff Gerstman coins the term "WEARior" for someone who participates in the WEAR event. 


W.E.A.R 2005


50 escape artists gathered under the leadership of Pastor Clyde Mighells  Although the Guinness Book of World Records turned us down, we still had a lot of fun performing all over the world.


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