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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about The International Escapologist Society

How much does it cost to join

At this time, membership is free to all those who are escapologists, or enthusiasts of the related topics.  There may be a cost later on, but for now, since this is little more than a web site and an e-newsletter, membership is free.

Is this another magic related forum?

No, there is no forum here and that is very deliberate.  There are plenty of forums out there for short postings and quick advice.  That is not what about.  The newsletter will hopefully be able to go into far more detail than usually appears on any forum.

Can I submit article for the e-Newsletter?

Yes, please do.  I am hopeful that other escapologists with different and often more experience than I will give me things to publish for us all to see.  Articles may be written about... Escape adventures, escape misadventures, humorous escape experience, Strange escapes, tools, gimmicks, history or anything else escape related.

Can I submit a video to this site?

Yes, Please do.  The videos that are here already come from you-tube.  More would be welcome indeed.

Can I end my membership if I like?

Sure, although I would prefer you not do that.  For now, ending membership is as simple as not visiting this site and not downloading the E-newsletter.

What if I have a question you did not answer here?

Just let me know. I love answering questions!  Break a Chain!

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