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The Magic Experience can come and do a fun evening magic show to help you raise the funds you need for your project.  With plenty of audience participation, comedy and  magic, we will give you an all-ages show that your guests will be talking about for years to come.  No edgy or off color material here.  We are providing good clean family fun in a show package that will bring a smile to everyone who attends. Bring the grandparents and the kids. A great show for everyone.  You supply the venue, and let us do the rest of the work.

The Magic Experience helped us keep our Computer teacher, and the kids loved the show!

- Claire Alvarez

(Patrick Henry Elementary)

How often does someone in your group come up with a really good idea for something they would like to do, only to find out you can’t afford to start the project?  In most schools, churches and non profit groups this happens all the time.  Good people come up with good ideas and just can’t make them happen.  Why should something as simple as “money” be allowed to make the decisions for you and your people?  This is where our show can help.

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