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What are the Monetary requirements?

There really are no rrquirements.  You dont pay us until after the show, so gathering up front funds is not a problem.   We guarentee you will acquire the funds you wanted using our system.  You just can't lose. 
What are the technical requirements?


We like to have two movable microphones and a speaker system that allows the playing of a CD or MP3 device, but we will work with what ever you have.  We will discuss all this in the planning phase and there will be no problems.

What happens if we don't get the turnout we were hoping for?


We will provide you with posters and a system to ensure a successful turnout.

What if we don't get the funding we hoped for?

While this is not likey, it could happen.  If you follow our system, you will soon find you have the large audience you hoped for and the funds you needed.

What size venue do we need?


Any size will work.  Whether you have a full sit down theater, or a multi purpose room with folding chairs we will fit our show to suit your needs.  If your room is too small to fit all the members who want to see the show, no problem. We can do more than one show..

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What if we have a question you did not answer here?

Contact us, we love answering questions.

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