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My World Record


Sometimes life throws a prize your way.  In 2007 I was invited to board a plane that flies in a parabolic maneuver and gave us a brief period of zero gravity. This allowed us to float and fly.

The plane was flown by a company called "Go Zero G" and sponsored by Northrup-Grumman.  How did I mange to get invited on this plane?  Simple: dumb luck and connections.

I asked for permission to bring my straitjacket, and after some debate, I was allowed to do just that.  I performed the world's first and so far only zero gravity straitjacket escape.

The flight itself was quite a thrill, even without setting a world record. Possibly the most amazing part was that I made the escape while recovering from a broken arm.  My doctor did not approve, and  I kept that part a secret from the plane's staff.

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